Tripura: 27 Individuals Bitten by Aggressive Dog


In Tripura, an alarming situation has unfolded as 27 people have fallen victim to the bites of a rabid dog within the past two days. The affected individuals are residents of the areas spanning between Briddhi Nagar and Math Chowmuhani.

While all those bitten by the rabid dog promptly sought treatment at IGM Hospital, a palpable fear now permeates the communities residing between Briddhi Nagar, Ranir Bazar, and Math Chowmuhani. Concerns over the potential onset of rabies have heightened, prompting both the Department of Animal Resources and municipal authorities to take swift action.

Efforts are underway to locate and neutralize the rabid dog, as its unpredictability raises concerns that it may strike again at any time, particularly targeting unsuspecting children. The gravity of the situation necessitates urgent measures to safeguard the well-being of the affected communities.

Residents are urged to exercise caution and remain vigilant until the rabid dog is successfully located and neutralized. The combined efforts of authorities and the community are essential in averting further instances of dog attacks and ensuring the safety and security of all residents in the affected areas.



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