Tripura: Assam Rifles and Ambassa Police Bust Drug Trafficking Ring, Seize Marijuana Worth Rs 1 Crore


In a successful joint operation, an Assam Rifles Battalion collaborated with Ambassa police station to apprehend two individuals involved in a major drug trafficking operation. The operation, carried out on August 11, resulted in the confiscation of a significant quantity of marijuana.

Acting on credible intelligence regarding the movement of narcotics, Assam Rifles and Ambassa police launched a coordinated effort. The joint team swiftly swung into action, leading to the interception of a heavy vehicle suspected of transporting illegal substances. The operation culminated in the apprehension of two individuals.

The operation’s focal point was the general area of Ambassa, falling under the jurisdiction of Ambassa Police Station in Dhalai District, Tripura. The diligent efforts of the combined forces yielded a remarkable haul – a staggering 257 kilograms of marijuana. This substantial seizure holds an estimated street value of approximately Rs 1 Crore.

Following the apprehension, both the individuals and the confiscated marijuana were promptly handed over to Ambassa Police Station. The local authorities will undertake thorough investigation and initiate legal proceedings against the culprits.

This successful operation underscores the Assam Rifles’ unwavering dedication to maintaining a drug-free society. By collaborating seamlessly with local law enforcement agencies, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to curbing the menace of drug trafficking and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

The swift and effective action taken by Assam Rifles, in conjunction with Ambassa police, serves as a testament to the power of joint operations in tackling serious criminal activities. Such endeavors stand as a beacon of hope for a safer and more secure society, sending a resounding message that illegal activities will not be tolerated.



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