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Tripura Assembly Elections: Demand for Colors in the Market Peaked Ahead Holi


The whole country will celebrate the festival of colors on March 8. But, in Tripura on March 2, the entire state will celebrate the color game. Because, on that day the result of assembly elections will be announced. With red abir in the market now the demand for ocher abir has peaked. Essentially, the demand for Gerua Abir has skyrocketed ever since the booth return survey results were released on Monday.

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated throughout the country during spring. According to Tithi, Holi festival will be celebrated on March 8. But in the small mountainous state of Tripura in the North Eastern region, Holi, the festival of colors, is starting much earlier.

Activists have been seen burning stakes across the state since the booth return polls on Monday night claimed a definite victory for the BJP in Tripura. Naturally, on March 2, the party workers and supporters of the winning candidate will play the color game. As a result, the demand for color in the market is slightly higher this year than other years. Businessmen are busy now. Traders have already arranged colors in the market.

A dye trader in Maharajganj market said that this year the price of ocher and red abir has increased a lot compared to other years. Ocher Abir is the most demanded color in the market.

Ahead of the results of the booth return survey on Monday, demand for red was high in the market, he said. However, he claimed that the traders have kept enough stock of all kinds of Abir.

Nidhi Mishra
Nidhi Mishra
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