Tripura BJP Forms Committee to Investigate Post-Poll Violence in Bengal

Agaratala: People wait in a queues to cast their votes for the Tripura Assembly Election in Agartala on Sunday. PTI Photo(PTI2_18_2018_000054B)

The BJP has formed a committee to investigate post-poll violence in West Bengal, led by MP Biplab Kumar Deb. This initiative comes amid escalating concerns over alleged violence and lawlessness in the state following recent elections. The committee aims to provide a comprehensive report on the situation, which has sparked significant political controversy.

Biplab Kumar Deb, the former Chief Minister of Tripura, has been appointed to head this committee. He is tasked with assessing the extent of the violence, identifying affected areas, and gathering testimonies from victims. The committee’s formation underscores the BJP’s commitment to addressing what it perceives as a serious breakdown of law and order in West Bengal.

The BJP has accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of inaction and failing to curb the violence. Allegations against her administration include tolerating attacks on opposition supporters and allowing a climate of fear to persist. The BJP contends that the violence is politically motivated, targeting their workers and supporters to weaken their presence in the state.

Reports from various parts of West Bengal suggest incidents of arson, assault, and intimidation, particularly in areas where the BJP made significant electoral gains. These reports have fueled the BJP’s claims of orchestrated violence aimed at undermining democratic processes. The committee led by Deb will aim to substantiate these claims through detailed investigations and firsthand accounts.

In response to the BJP’s move, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has dismissed the allegations as baseless and politically motivated. TMC leaders argue that the BJP is attempting to destabilize the state’s government and tarnish Mamata Banerjee’s image. They maintain that law enforcement agencies are addressing incidents of violence impartially and that the situation is under control.

As the committee begins its work, it is expected to visit several violence-hit areas, engage with local communities, and compile a report detailing its findings. This report will be submitted to the BJP’s central leadership and could potentially be used to pressure the West Bengal government for action or intervention from higher authorities.

The formation of this committee highlights the ongoing political tension between the BJP and TMC in West Bengal. As investigations proceed, the committee’s findings could have significant implications for both parties, potentially influencing public perception and future political strategies.



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