Tripura Police Seize Cannabis Worth Rs 23 Lakh, One Arrested


The Tripura Police arrested one individual and seized cannabis worth Rs 23 lakh in the Hezamara area under the West District early Saturday morning. Acting on a tip-off, law enforcement officers conducted a raid in the region, successfully apprehending the suspect and confiscating a substantial amount of the illegal substance.

Authorities reported that the operation began in the pre-dawn hours, with officers strategically positioning themselves to intercept the suspect. The raid resulted in the discovery of several packages of cannabis, meticulously concealed to avoid detection. Upon thorough inspection, the total value of the seized cannabis was estimated at Rs 23 lakh.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, is currently in police custody and undergoing interrogation. Initial investigations suggest that the individual may be part of a larger network involved in the cultivation and distribution of cannabis within and beyond Tripura’s borders. Police are diligently working to trace the origins of the seized cannabis and identify other potential members of the network.

Superintendent of Police (West District), Sankar Deb, lauded the efforts of the officers involved in the operation, emphasizing the importance of such actions in curbing the illegal drug trade in the state. He noted that the successful seizure and arrest underscore the Tripura Police’s commitment to eradicating drug-related activities and ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

In recent years, Tripura has seen an increase in efforts to combat the illicit drug trade, with numerous raids and arrests taking place across the state. The government and law enforcement agencies have intensified their focus on drug-related crimes, aiming to dismantle trafficking networks and reduce the availability of illegal substances in the region.

Community members have been urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The cooperation between the public and law enforcement is seen as a crucial element in the ongoing fight against drug trafficking.

As investigations continue, the Tripura Police remain steadfast in their mission to protect the community from the adverse effects of drug abuse and trafficking. The recent seizure in the Hezamara area serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order and the dedication of the police force to upholding justice.



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