Tripura Chief Minister Criticizes Opposition’s Treatment of Minority Communities


Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha launched a scathing criticism against opposition political parties in the Northeast state, accusing them of exploiting minority communities as mere vote banks and perpetuating their economic disadvantage.

Community Support Highlighted

During a Padayatra at Rajnagar in the Ramnagar constituency in Tripura, CM Manik Saha lauded the dedication of Dipak Majumder, the BJP candidate in Ramnagar, to serving the community.

Expressing confidence in the BJP’s prospects, Saha asserted that both the West Parliamentary seat and Ramnagar assembly constituency in Tripura would rally behind the party.

Saha underscored Majumder’s unwavering commitment to the people, which has garnered him the trust and admiration of voters. He commended the BJP’s efforts for the overall development of Tripura.

Highlighting the support received from minority community members during his visit, Saha revealed that they expressed their endorsement for Majumder.

Reiterating the BJP’s dedication to the socio-economic development of all religions and castes in Tripura, Saha cited various schemes introduced by the party for the benefit of minority communities in the state.



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