Tripura CM Sends 500 Kgs of Queen Pineapple to Bangladesh PM Hasina

Queen Pineapple to Bangladesh PM Hasina

In a gesture of goodwill and diplomacy, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has sent 500 kilograms of the state’s renowned queen pineapples to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This act of fruit diplomacy aims to strengthen the ties between India and Bangladesh, showcasing Tripura’s agricultural richness.

The queen pineapple, known for its unique sweetness and flavor, holds a special place in Tripura. It is the state fruit and has earned a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, highlighting its unique identity and quality. The North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation (NERAMAC) played a pivotal role in obtaining this recognition, along with GI tags for 12 other fruits and vegetables from the Northeast. This GI tag not only underscores the distinctiveness of the queen pineapple but also boosts its market potential on a global scale.

Chief Minister Deb expressed his pride in sharing this symbol of Tripura’s agricultural excellence with Bangladesh. He emphasized the importance of such gestures in fostering stronger bilateral relations and cultural exchange. The pineapples were meticulously packed and transported to ensure they reached Dhaka in prime condition, reflecting the care and significance attached to this diplomatic gesture.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, known for her appreciation of regional specialties, welcomed the gift with warmth and gratitude. The exchange of agricultural products between India and Bangladesh is not new; it has been a part of the ongoing efforts to strengthen trade and cultural ties. Such initiatives help in promoting mutual respect and understanding between neighboring countries.

Tripura’s queen pineapple has been gaining popularity not only in domestic markets but also internationally. The state government has been actively promoting it, highlighting its health benefits and unique taste. The GI tag has further bolstered its reputation, making it a sought-after fruit in various markets.

This instance of fruit diplomacy is a testament to the potential of agricultural products in fostering international goodwill. It also highlights the efforts of the Tripura government in promoting local produce and contributing to the state’s economic growth. As Tripura continues to promote its agricultural heritage, such gestures will undoubtedly play a crucial role in building and maintaining strong international relations.



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