Tripura GRP Detains 9 Bangladeshis at Agartala Railway Station

9 Bangladeshis

The Government Railway Police (GRP) at Agartala Railway Station detained nine Bangladeshi nationals, including six females, who were found attempting to travel to various Indian cities in search of work. The incident took place on Tuesday morning during a routine security check. The authorities discovered Bangladeshi currency and documents in their possession, raising immediate concerns about their legal status in India.

Superintendent of Police, Mr. Rajiv Dutta, confirmed the detainment and provided further details on the individuals’ circumstances. According to Dutta, the nine Bangladeshis admitted to entering India illegally with the intention of seeking employment opportunities in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The GRP acted promptly upon discovering the foreign currency and documents, which included identification cards and other papers indicating their Bangladeshi citizenship.

During questioning, the detainees revealed that they had crossed the border with the help of local agents who had assured them of jobs in India. They paid substantial amounts of money to these agents, believing that they would secure a better livelihood across the border. However, their plans were thwarted by the vigilant GRP personnel who intercepted them at the railway station.

The authorities have launched an investigation into the case, focusing on identifying the human trafficking network facilitating such illegal crossings. They aim to track down the agents involved and understand the broader implications of such operations on regional security. The detained individuals are currently under police custody and will be handed over to the Border Security Force (BSF) for further processing.

Tripura has been a notable transit point for illegal crossings from Bangladesh due to its geographical proximity and porous borders. The state police and BSF have increased surveillance and patrolling in recent months to curb illegal immigration and related activities. This latest detainment highlights the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in managing border security and preventing unauthorized entry.

Local NGOs and human rights organizations have expressed concern over the incident, urging for humane treatment of the detainees. They advocate for a thorough investigation into the trafficking networks and call for increased cooperation between India and Bangladesh to address the root causes of such migration.

The GRP’s swift action at Agartala Railway Station underscores the importance of vigilant security measures in safeguarding the country’s borders and maintaining internal security.



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