Tripura Congress Demands Resignation of Union Education Minister Over Exam Irregularities

Union Education Minister

The Tripura Congress staged a massive protest, demanding the resignation of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan over alleged irregularities in the NEET and UGC-NET examinations. Hundreds of party workers and supporters gathered in Agartala, voicing their concerns and calling for immediate action.

Congress leaders, addressing the crowd, accused the Ministry of Education of gross negligence and mismanagement in conducting the NEET and UGC-NET exams. They alleged that numerous students faced technical glitches, errors in question papers, and administrative lapses, which compromised the integrity of these crucial national-level exams.

Subal Bhowmik, a senior Congress leader, led the protest and emphasized the severe impact of these irregularities on students’ futures. He called for the resignation of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, holding him accountable for the failures in the examination process. Bhowmik argued that the minister’s resignation would pave the way for restoring trust in the country’s education system.

The protesters carried banners and placards demanding justice for the affected students and a fresh, error-free UGC-NET examination. Chants of “Education Minister must resign” and “Re-conduct UGC-NET” echoed through the streets of Agartala. The demonstration aimed to draw national attention to the issue, urging the central government to take swift and decisive action.

Several student organizations joined the Congress protest, expressing solidarity with the affected candidates. Representatives from these groups shared their grievances, highlighting specific instances of mismanagement during the exams. They demanded a thorough investigation into the irregularities and immediate corrective measures.

In response to the protest, the Ministry of Education issued a statement acknowledging the concerns raised by the Tripura Congress and student organizations. The ministry assured the public that it is reviewing the issues and working towards resolving them. However, no mention of the Union Education Minister’s resignation was made.

The Tripura Congress vowed to continue its agitation until their demands are met. They plan to escalate their protest to a national level if the central government fails to address the issue adequately. The party’s leaders emphasized that ensuring fair and transparent examination processes is essential for maintaining the credibility of India’s education system.

As the situation unfolds, students and parents across the country await the government’s response. The Tripura Congress’s protest has ignited a broader debate on the need for systemic reforms in the administration of national examinations. The demand for a fresh UGC-NET exam and the call for Dharmendra Pradhan’s resignation remain central to the ongoing controversy.



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