Tripura Faces Teacher Shortage of 5,155

Tripura schools with teacher and students

In a recent statement made during the assembly session, Chief Minister and Education Minister Dr. Manik Saha addressed the attention-grabbing notice brought forward by Opposition Leader Animesh Debbarma regarding the government’s efforts to alleviate the shortage of teachers in state schools. The Chief Minister emphasized the crucial role of education infrastructure and teachers in promoting quality education within the state.

Acknowledging the shortage of teachers, the Chief Minister highlighted that the issue is compounded by the regular retirement of a certain number of teachers every month. Additionally, the appointment period of 10,323 teachers expired in 2020 as per the Supreme Court’s order, further contributing to the shortage.

According to the Chief Minister’s statement, the Education Department currently faces a total shortage of 5,155 teachers across various levels in state schools. This includes a shortfall of 1,615 undergraduate teachers, 1,643 graduate teachers for classes VI to VIII, 1,239 graduate teachers for classes IX and X, 546 subject teachers for classes XI and XII, and 112 Special Educators.

To address this issue, the state government has been appointing new teachers annually through the Teacher Recruitment Board Tripura (TRBT). The TRBT conducts the Teacher Eligibility Test (T-TET) regularly to select eligible candidates for the positions of undergraduate and graduate teachers. Additionally, the recruitment process for post-graduate teachers (classes XI and XII), secondary level graduate teachers (classes IX and X), and post-graduate teachers for higher secondary levels (classes XI and XII) is also conducted through the TRBT. The appointment of Special Educators was initiated for the first time last year.

Over the past five years, the state government has made significant efforts to recruit teachers. As per the Chief Minister’s statement, 1,062 undergraduate teachers for classes 1 to 5, 3,701 graduate teachers for classes 6 to 8, 1,471 graduate teachers for classes 9 and 10, 444 subject teachers for classes 11 and 12, and 88 Special Educators have been appointed. In total, 6,766 teachers have been recruited across various levels within the state.

The Chief Minister assured the assembly that the recruitment process for vacant teacher positions is an ongoing effort, dependent on the government’s financial resources. The Chief Minister also claimed that due to the yearly teacher appointments, no schools managed by the state government currently operate with only one teacher.

The acute shortage of 5,155 teachers in state schools has prompted the government to take proactive measures to address the issue. Through the recruitment process conducted by the Teacher Recruitment Board Tripura, the state government has made substantial progress in filling these vacancies over the past five years. The government’s commitment to improving education infrastructure and ensuring quality education remains steadfast as they continue their efforts to meet the demand for teachers at various levels within the state’s schools.



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