Tripura Government to Form Committee to Monitor Fees and Donations in Private Schools

CM Manik Saha

The state government of Tripura is planning to form a committee to monitor fees and donations in private schools in the state. The committee will look into whether the fees charged by private schools are reasonable and affordable for parents. The committee will also consider whether regulations can be brought in to govern private schools.

The decision to form the committee was announced by Chief Minister Manik Saha in response to questions raised by MLAs Birjit Sinha and Ranjit Debbarma. The MLAs had asked the government to take action to reduce fees and donations in private schools.

Saha said that the government is committed to making education accessible and affordable for all. He said that the committee will be given a free hand to look into the matter and make recommendations.

The formation of the committee is a welcome step. It is important to ensure that private schools are not charging exorbitant fees that are out of reach for most parents. The committee will have a difficult task, but it is essential that they find a way to make private education more affordable.

Here are some additional details from the article:

  • The committee will be composed of government officials and representatives from the education sector.
  • The committee will have a six-month deadline to submit its report.
  • The government has not yet said what regulations, if any, it would consider bringing in for private schools.

The article also mentions that the issue of donations in schools is also under the government’s eye. However, the Chief Minister said that public and private schools cannot be equated in this matter. This suggests that the government may be more likely to regulate fees in private schools than donations.

Overall, the article suggests that the state government of Tripura is taking the issue of fees and donations in private schools seriously. The formation of the committee is a positive step, and it will be interesting to see what recommendations the committee makes.



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