Tripura Government Faces Criticism for Incomplete Implementation of PRTC Mandate in Job Recruitment


The Tripura government is facing criticism for its alleged failure to fully implement the Permanent Residence Certificate (PRTC) mandate in various government job recruitments, raising concerns about potential job opportunities going to candidates from outside the state.

On July 4, the state cabinet announced a decision to make PRTC mandatory for securing government jobs in Tripura. However, this decision has been partially implemented so far, limited only to the recruitment of Tripura Engineering Service. Unfortunately, the mandatory PRTC rule has not been extended to other state government recruitments, creating apprehension that non-engineering posts may still be open to unemployed individuals from outside the state.

Tourism and Transport Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, in a press conference held in Mahakaran, emphasized the state cabinet’s decision to make PRTC compulsory for Tripura government jobs. Despite this announcement, it was noticed that non-residents of Tripura were allowed to interview for engineering positions at the state power corporation, which has raised concerns among the local unemployed youth.

A particular instance of concern is the upcoming oral interview for the appointment of an engineer in Vidyut Nigam on August 4, where the PRTC rule has not been enforced. This has prompted criticism from various quarters, questioning the government’s commitment to ensuring job opportunities for the state’s own residents.

Another area of contention is the recruitment of doctors, associate professors, and assistant professors in state dental colleges. The Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) has not implemented the cabinet’s decision to make PRTC mandatory for these positions, leaving around 1191 highly educated BDS and MDS unemployed youth in the state worried about their prospects.

Despite the TPSC planning to advertise for recruitment in various posts, including TCS, TPS, and Combined Miscellaneous positions in the near future, the state government has yet to issue an official letter to the TPSC authorities regarding the enforcement of the PRTC mandate. While the Department of Public Works took action to cancel the recruitment of Tripura Engineering Service engineers based on the previous notification, similar actions have not been taken in other job categories.

This incomplete implementation of the PRTC rule in job recruitments has led to confusion and discontent among the local populace, as they fear losing out on opportunities to candidates from outside the state. The government’s commitment to boosting local employment and prioritizing the welfare of its residents is being questioned, urging authorities to take immediate action to address the issue.

In light of the ongoing situation, various stakeholders, including local activists and youth organizations, are demanding the immediate extension of the PRTC mandate to all state government job recruitments. They argue that such a move is crucial for safeguarding the interests of the state’s unemployed youth and promoting the growth of local talent in Tripura.

As the state government grapples with these concerns, it is hoped that prompt action will be taken to ensure the comprehensive implementation of the PRTC mandate, fostering greater opportunities and prosperity for the state’s residents while preserving the distinct identity and culture of Tripura.



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