Tripura’s ‘Weekend Tourist Hub’ Inaugurated by Chief Minister to Boost Tourism and Cultural Promotion

Ujjyanta Palace of tripura

In a significant move aimed at reviving tourism and providing much-needed relaxation to the people of Tripura, Chief Minister Prof. Dr. Manik Saha inaugurated the ‘Weekend Tourist Hub’ in front of the iconic Ujjayanta Palace on Sunday.

The picturesque Ujjayanta Palace, a historical and architectural marvel, now serves as the ideal backdrop for the state’s latest tourism initiative. Addressing the event, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha expressed his commitment to developing the tourism sector further, emphasizing that more such initiatives would be undertaken in the coming days.

Acknowledging the potential of tourism in bolstering the state’s economy, the Chief Minister urged the tourism department to expedite various initiatives that would solidify the foundation of Tripura’s economy through increased tourist footfall. He stressed that the tourism sector could play a pivotal role in generating employment opportunities for the local population while also showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the state to visitors from near and far.

“In this weekend tourism hub at the Ujjayanta Palace premises, we will make dedicated efforts to promote the art, culture, and traditions of Tripura,” declared the Chief Minister in his address. By showcasing the vibrant local culture and traditions, the ‘Weekend Tourist Hub’ aspires to enthrall tourists and provide them with a glimpse into the diverse heritage of the region.

The event witnessed the presence of dignitaries from various departments, including Minister of Tourism Sushanta Chowdhury, Mayor of Agartala Pur Corporation, Chief Secretary, and the Secretary of the Tourism Department, among others. Their participation highlighted the collective effort to promote and develop tourism in Tripura.

The ‘Weekend Tourist Hub’ near the Ujjayanta Palace is expected to become a focal point for both tourists and locals seeking leisure activities, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities. With its strategic location and historical significance, the hub is anticipated to attract a steady stream of visitors, providing a much-needed boost to the state’s tourism sector.

Additionally, the hub will feature various amenities and attractions, such as art exhibitions, craft fairs, traditional music and dance performances, local delicacies, and guided tours of the Ujjayanta Palace. These offerings aim to cater to the diverse interests of tourists while fostering a sense of pride and belonging among the local population.

As the state gears up to enhance its appeal as a tourist destination, the ‘Weekend Tourist Hub’ project demonstrates a firm commitment to uplifting the economic prospects of Tripura and elevating its cultural identity on the national and international stage. As more initiatives take shape in the days to come, the state looks forward to welcoming travelers from all corners of the globe to experience the wonders of Tripura’s rich heritage and picturesque landscapes.



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