Khowai District Health Department Conducts Successful NCD Screening Camp, Providing Vital Medical Services to Local Communities

Health Camp in Khowai District

Teliamura, Tripura – On July 29, 2023, the Khowai District Health and Family Welfare Department, in a commendable initiative, organized a one-day Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Screening Camp in Mungiakami, Teliamura Sub-division. The camp aimed to extend free medical health services to the local residents, promoting community health and wellbeing.

The health camp garnered an overwhelming response, with a significant number of people from various areas, including Mungiakami, enthusiastically participating to avail themselves of the much-needed medical facilities. The organizers left no stone unturned in ensuring that the event ran smoothly, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of the attendees.

Patients attending the camp received personalized care as medical professionals conducted comprehensive NCD screenings. The screenings enabled early detection and management of chronic illnesses, significantly contributing to improving the overall health of the community. Alongside the screenings, the camp also provided essential medicines to impoverished villagers, ensuring that financial constraints did not hinder access to necessary treatment.

Moreover, the health experts took the opportunity to impart valuable hygienic tips to the villagers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cleanliness at home and in their surroundings. The promotion of hygiene practices is instrumental in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and fostering a healthier living environment for the community.

The success of this NCD Screening Camp has motivated the concerned departments to organize more such events in the future. The proactive approach towards preventive healthcare and community engagement showcases the commitment of the government in improving the overall health infrastructure of the region.

Local residents expressed their appreciation for this generous initiative and thanked the organizing authority for their genuine efforts in delivering much-needed healthcare services to the underserved communities. The positive impact of the health camp has resonated with the villagers, instilling a sense of confidence and trust in the healthcare system.

The Khowai District Health and Family Welfare Department’s dedication to organizing such camps reflects a genuine commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of the people in the region. By conducting more similar events in the coming days, the department aims to create lasting positive change in the lives of the local residents.

This exemplary initiative serves as a model for other regions to follow, highlighting the importance of community-focused healthcare interventions. As more communities benefit from these medical camps, Tripura moves one step closer to achieving its vision of a healthier and more prosperous society for all its citizens.



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