Tripura in UT: Pradyot Kishore’s Tipra Motha Party Pushes for Central Government Action on Tribal Rights


Pradyot Kishore, the leader of the Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (IPRA) and the head of the Tipra Motha party, has been making waves in Tripura politics despite facing health and political setbacks. Kishore has been actively campaigning for the rights of the Tiprasa people, a tribal group native to Tripura. However, his efforts have been hampered by the inaction of the central government in appointing an interlocutor to resolve the ongoing crisis in the Autonomous District Council (ADC).

The Tipra Motha party has been facing criticism for its dysfunctional management of the ADC, which has resulted in widespread suffering for the tribal population in Tripura. Kishore has been trying to rally support for the party’s cause, urging his followers to rise above anger, rancor, and envy. However, the lack of progress on the part of the central government has left the party in an unenviable position.

Despite the setbacks, Kishore remains determined to fight for the rights of the Tiprasa people. In a recent social media post, he stated that he plans to return to Tripura soon and lead the party to victory. He also reaffirmed his commitment to the cause, stating that he has never asked for anything for himself but only for the people he represents.

The Tipra Motha party has threatened to field a candidate in the upcoming Dhanpur by-election, which could make it difficult for the ruling BJP to retain the seat. Additionally, the party plans to field its own candidate in the upcoming Lok Sabha election, which could pose a challenge for the BJP in the East Tripura seat.

Sources in the BJP have stated that they plan to resolve the pending issues through discussions with the Tipra Motha leadership. However, Kishore and his party remain skeptical of the BJP’s promises and are pushing for concrete action on the part of the central government.



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