Tripura: Job Aspirants Stage Protest Outside Chief Minister’s Residence Amid Recruitment Delay


In a growing crisis, aspiring job seekers, left in limbo due to delayed recruitments, staged a peaceful protest outside the private residence of Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha in Banamalipur area. Approximately 70-80 youths, who had previously attended interviews for driver and fireman positions, attempted to draw attention to their plight.

The aspirants, disappointed by the lack of progress in the recruitment process, took this unconventional step after months of waiting for the results of written examinations and subsequent interviews. Last year, physical tests were conducted in each district headquarters for the advertised positions. While the physical tests and written examinations proceeded smoothly, the delay in publishing the results and scheduling final interviews has left the candidates frustrated.

Expressing their concerns, one aspirant highlighted the expectations of a final interview post the last assembly election. However, no developments occurred, leading to a prolonged period of uncertainty for the candidates who are advancing in age.

In an attempt to address their grievances, the aspirants had repeatedly sought meetings with the Chief Minister. Unfortunately, their appeals went unanswered, prompting them to resort to peaceful protest outside Dr. Manik Saha’s residence.

The police, under the leadership of Rana Chatterjee, the officer in charge of East Agartala police station, managed to diffuse the situation without any untoward incidents. The job aspirants, while unsuccessful in reaching the Chief Minister, hoped that their peaceful demonstration would draw attention to the urgent need for resolution in the delayed recruitment process. The incident underscores the growing challenges faced by unemployed youth awaiting opportunities in public sector jobs.



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