Tripura LoP Urges Chief Secretary to Ensure Peaceful Panchayat Polls

opposition party leader

Tripura Leader of Opposition (LoP) Jitendra Chaudhury has called on the Chief Secretary for immediate intervention to ensure peaceful Panchayat elections. Chaudhury, representing the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM), expressed grave concerns over alleged attacks on party workers and leaders during all-party meetings, which he claims threaten the integrity of the upcoming elections.

In his appeal, Chaudhury highlighted several incidents of violence and intimidation against CPIM members, accusing rival political factions of orchestrating these attacks to create a climate of fear and disrupt the electoral process. He emphasized that such actions undermine the democratic principles and the right of all parties to participate freely and fairly in the elections.

The LoP’s plea for intervention underscores the escalating political tensions in Tripura as the Panchayat polls approach. According to Chaudhury, the attacks have targeted CPIM workers at various locations, including during meetings intended to foster cooperation among different political parties. These incidents, he argues, are not isolated but part of a broader strategy to intimidate CPIM supporters and leaders.

In his formal communication to the Chief Secretary, Chaudhury requested increased security measures and stricter enforcement of the law to prevent further violence. He stressed the need for impartiality in the administration’s handling of election-related activities, calling for the protection of all political participants regardless of their affiliations.

The Chief Secretary’s response to Chaudhury’s appeal will be crucial in addressing the concerns raised and ensuring a peaceful electoral environment. The administration’s actions in the coming days will likely be closely monitored by all political stakeholders and the public, as they seek assurances of a fair and safe election process.

Chaudhury’s allegations have drawn significant attention, prompting calls from various quarters for an investigation into the reported incidents of violence. Ensuring the safety and security of party workers and leaders is paramount for the credibility of the Panchayat elections and the democratic process in Tripura.

As the state prepares for the polls, the focus remains on maintaining peace and order. The Chief Secretary’s intervention, if effectively implemented, could play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. The outcome of these efforts will be crucial in determining the conduct and fairness of the Panchayat elections, ultimately shaping Tripura’s political landscape



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