Tripura Police, BSF Seize Yaba Tablets Worth Rs 20 Lakh, Arrest Suspect

police with culprit

Tripura Police, in collaboration with the Border Security Force (BSF), seized a large cache of Yaba tablets and a pistol from the Matinagar bordering area. The operation, which took place late last night, resulted in the arrest of Abu Salam Bhuyan, a suspected drug trafficker.

The law enforcement team acted on a tip-off and coordinated swiftly to intercept Bhuyan. Upon searching his residence, officers discovered a substantial quantity of Yaba tablets worth approximately Rs 20 lakh, along with an unlicensed pistol. The seizure marks a considerable success in the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and illegal arms smuggling in the region.

Speaking about the operation, Superintendent of Police (SP) North Tripura, Bhanupada Chakraborty, praised the collaboration between the Tripura Police and the BSF. “This joint operation highlights our commitment to eradicating the drug menace and ensuring the safety of our citizens. The successful seizure of such a large quantity of Yaba tablets and the apprehension of the suspect is a testament to our vigilance and determination,” he stated.

The suspect, Abu Salam Bhuyan, is believed to be part of a larger network involved in the smuggling of drugs and arms across the India-Bangladesh border. His arrest is expected to lead to further investigations and possibly more arrests in the coming days. Authorities are hopeful that Bhuyan’s interrogation will provide valuable insights into the operational methods and connections of the trafficking ring.

Following his arrest, Bhuyan was taken into custody and will be produced before the court. Legal proceedings are set to begin, and charges related to drug trafficking and illegal possession of a firearm are expected to be filed. The court’s decision will play a crucial role in determining the next steps in this high-profile case.

The successful operation underscores the importance of inter-agency cooperation in tackling organized crime. With the region facing significant challenges from drug and arms smuggling, such coordinated efforts are essential to maintaining law and order.

The public response to the operation has been overwhelmingly positive, with local communities expressing relief at the removal of such dangerous elements from their midst. As the investigation continues, the Tripura Police and BSF remain vigilant, committed to safeguarding the region from the scourge of drugs and illegal arms.



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