Tripura Police Intercept Rs 50 Lakh Cannabis Haul at Assam Border


Tripura Police intercepted a truck carrying cannabis worth Rs 50 lakh at the Churaibari Check Post on the Tripura-Assam border. This successful bust highlights the continued efforts of law enforcement to curb illegal drug trafficking in the region.

The incident unfolded when officers at the Churaibari Check Post flagged down a suspicious-looking truck for a routine inspection. As the police commenced their search, the driver managed to escape, taking advantage of the brief commotion. The officers quickly secured the area but were unable to apprehend the fleeing driver.

During the search, the police discovered a substantial quantity of cannabis concealed within the cargo. The seized haul, estimated to be worth Rs 50 lakh, was meticulously packed to avoid detection. The method of concealment and the large quantity of drugs indicate the involvement of an organized drug trafficking network operating across state borders.

Superintendent of Police, North Tripura, Rati Ranjan Debnath, commended his team for their vigilance and quick action. “This seizure is a testament to the dedication and efficiency of our officers. Despite the driver’s escape, our team acted promptly to secure the illegal contraband and prevent it from reaching its intended destination,” he stated.

The police have launched a manhunt to track down the driver and other individuals connected to this trafficking attempt. Authorities are also investigating the origins and intended recipients of the cannabis to dismantle the broader network involved.

This incident at the Churaibari Check Post underscores the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking along the Tripura-Assam border. The region has become a known transit point for narcotics smuggling, prompting increased vigilance and more frequent inspections by police and border security forces.

As the investigation continues, Tripura Police remain committed to intensifying their efforts against drug trafficking. They urge the public to provide any information that could assist in apprehending the suspects and preventing further illegal activities.

This step not only disrupts the flow of illegal drugs but also sends a strong message to traffickers that law enforcement agencies are vigilant and unyielding in their mission to safeguard the community.



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