Tripura: Man Submitted Bag Full of Money to West Police Station


A person picked up a bag full of money with an ATM card from the street and submitted it to the West Police Station. The police commended him for his humane behavior.

In the description of the incident, a police official said that around 8:30 pm yesterday, Pratapgarh resident Joy Gopal found a wallet with money in front of Sartaj Cake Parlor located in Maharajganj Bazar on his way home from Banik Bazar. Opening the bag, he found an ATM card with lots of cash in it. He then decided to hand over the bag to the police. Accordingly, he returned the wallet full of money to the West Police Station this afternoon.

In this regard, Joy Gopal Banik said, people work hard day and night to earn money. He handed over the bag to the police in order to get this hard-earned money back to the rightful owner.



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