Tripura; Railway Ministry Allocates Rs 153.84 Crore For Agartala-Akhaura Railway Project

Railway Ministry allocates Rs 153.84 crore for Agartala-Akhaura railway project

The Railway Ministry has recently approved an allocation of Rs 153.84 crores for the under-construction railway line connecting Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, with Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. This significant development comes as a major boost to the ongoing rail link project between India and Bangladesh.

The Guwahati-Agartala Rail Link Project holds immense strategic importance as it aims to establish a vital railway connectivity between the northeastern states of India and neighboring Bangladesh. The project is expected to enhance trade, cultural exchanges, and overall bilateral relations between the two countries.

The allocated funds will be utilized to expedite various aspects of the project, including land acquisition, construction of railway tracks, establishment of railway stations, installation of signaling systems, electrification, and other essential infrastructural requirements. This investment demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving connectivity and promoting economic growth in the northeastern region of India.

Once completed, the Guwahati-Agartala rail link will provide a more efficient and convenient transportation route, reducing travel time and costs for both goods and passengers. It will play a vital role in boosting trade activities and facilitating smoother movement of people and commodities between the northeastern states and Bangladesh.

Moreover, this railway line will also be an integral part of the Trans-Asian Railway network, strengthening regional integration and opening up new avenues for economic development in the entire Southeast Asian region.

The allocation of Rs 153.84 crores for the Guwahati-Agartala Rail Link Project reaffirms the government’s focus on enhancing infrastructure, connectivity, and trade in the northeastern states. This ambitious endeavor will not only benefit the states directly involved but will also have far-reaching positive impacts on the overall development of the region, fostering economic growth, and improving the quality of life for the people residing there.

With this significant investment, the Railway Ministry is taking a crucial step towards realizing the vision of a well-connected and prosperous northeastern region, reinforcing the government’s commitment to inclusive development and regional integration.



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