Tripura’s Surrendered Militants Demand Rs 500 Crore Rehabilitation Package


The Tripura United Indigenous People’s Council (TUIPC), acting as the voice of surrendered militants in Tripura, has put forth a significant demand for a special central package amounting to Rs 500 crore. The purpose of this substantial fund is to facilitate the comprehensive rehabilitation of individuals who have surrendered and integrated back into society.

Unveiling the Militant Platform and Its Advocacy

Comprising various insurgent groups such as the Tripura National Volunteers (TNV), National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), and All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), the TUIPC, a non-political front, engaged in discussions with AK Mishra, the Adviser of Northeast India at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), on November 22. The primary agenda was to articulate the needs and aspirations of those who have renounced violence and embraced societal reintegration.

Tripura's Surrendered Militants

Unfulfilled Promises and the Urgent Rehabilitation Cry

Ranjit Debbarma, the advisor of TUIPC and MLA of Tipra Motha, the principal opposition political party in Tripura, shed light on the unmet commitments stemming from the 1993 pact involving the state, central government, and ATTF. Explaining the predicament, he stated that the sanctioned amount of Rs 20,000 for house construction, pledged during the surrender, did not reach many recipients, causing obstacles in home-building efforts.

Debbarma pointed out the lingering unfulfilled demands outlined in the TNV accord, emphasizing the need for a radio station and initiatives for employment generation. Alleging that approximately 600 returnees have been deprived of the declared benefits by the state and central governments, he pressed for the establishment of a model village dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation of returnees.

In a bid to foster self-sufficiency and support, the platform proposed employment generation initiatives, including the provision of vehicles. Additionally, they advocated for a social pension of Rs 10,000 for returnees aged 50 and above. Collectively, the demands culminate in a comprehensive rehabilitation package amounting to Rs 500 crore.



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