Twipra Students’ Federation Launches Mass Movement Demanding Roman Script for Kokborok Subject


In a bold move on 21st June 2023, the Twipra Students’ Federation (TSF) orchestrated a mass movement demanding the adoption of the Roman script for the Kokborok subject. Led by the TSF Central Committee, the students’ organization rallied in Agartala Town, along with the College Committee, to present a Memorandum to the Governor of Tripura.

The TSF, representing the students of Tripura, is seeking a significant change in the educational system. Their primary demand is the incorporation of the Roman script in the teaching and learning of the Kokborok language. The Kokborok language holds immense cultural significance for the people of Tripura, and the TSF believes that adopting the Roman script will facilitate better understanding and widespread usage of the language.

The demonstration, organized by the TSF, witnessed a massive turnout of passionate students who expressed their determination to achieve their goal. Carrying banners and raising slogans, they marched through the streets of Agartala, capturing the attention of onlookers and generating widespread support for their cause.

The TSF’s memorandum, to be submitted to the Governor, outlines the importance of embracing the Roman script for Kokborok. They argue that this change will enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of the language, enabling more people to learn and communicate effectively in Kokborok. The TSF Central Committee, spearheaded by the Agartala Town & College Committee, is leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of this transformation.

As the mass movement gains momentum, all eyes are on the Governor’s response to the TSF’s demands. The students’ unwavering commitment to promoting the Kokborok language and culture through the adoption of the Roman script is sparking conversations and setting the stage for potential changes in Tripura’s educational landscape.



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