Unemployment, Can Tripura Survive or Drown?


Is Unemployment okay?

Unemployment can also be alluded to as simply joblessness, a scenario that happens when individuals are without work and efficiently seeking jobs. This further illustrates that amid periods of subsidence, an economy ordinarily encounters increasing unemployment rates. Hence, we see the numerous proposed causes, results, and arrangements for unemployment.

Tripura, holding a population of 4,057,847(4.06 Millions) in 2022(As per the Aadhar Statistics) had faced a drastic downfall in unemployment due to COVID-19 (2020). Unemployment became the highest consequence to be pondered over. Yet, in present 2022, the progressive nature by April 2022 is 14.6% as per CMIE(Center for Monitoring Indian Economy)survey can be witnessed in the sedate phase but is it satisfactory?

What could be possible causes?

Firstly, carrying a large population being the third smallest state(Area: 4,050.86sq mi) in India is the foremost possible valid reason. Certainly, inadequate state support, legal complexities and low infrastructural, financial and market linkage to small industries/businesses. Huge workforce associated with the informal sector due to lack of required education/skills, e.g : construction workers, domestic helpers etc. Inadequate growth of infrastructure and low investments in the manufacturing sector hence restricting employment potential of the secondary sector. Lastly, it can also be regressive social norms especially for women from taking/continuing employment.

Steps Government introduced to mitigate/ aid Unemployment

*Tripura Urban Employment Program(TUEP) proposes to provide 50 days of work to each urban BPL family at Rs. 100 per day.

*Training of Rural Youth for self-employment(TRYSEM) in 1979 its main objective is to help unemployed rural youth between the age of 18-35 year to acquire skills for self-employment. Priority was given to SC/ST youth and women.

*Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(MNREGA) was launched in 2005 as a scheme to provide social security by guaranteeing a minimum of 100 days of paid work per year to all families whose adult members opt for unskilled labor-intensive work. (This act provides the Right to Work to people).

*Pradhan Mantri theKaushal Vikas Yojna(PMKVY) in 2015 has the objective of enabling a large number of Indian youth to take up industry-relevant skill training.

*Start Up India Scheme launched in 2016 aims to develop an ecosystem that promotes and nurtures entrepreneurship across India.

*Stand Up India Scheme launched in 2016 aims to facilitate bank loans between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 1 crore to at least one women borrower per bank branch for setting up a Greenfield enterprise and many more.