Urban Junggle: Setting a New Standard in Pest Management Services in India


Urban Junggle, a pioneering pest management company based in Ahmedabad, India, is revolutionizing the industry with its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2019 by Tejas Patel and led by CEO Rakesh Kumar, the company has set a new benchmark for pest control services in the country.

The pest management industry in India has long been plagued by unprofessional and ineffective players, leaving clients at the mercy of substandard services and untrained technicians. Urban Junggle seeks to disrupt this status quo by providing safe, effective, and customized pest control solutions for both residential and commercial clients. As the first and only ISO 45001 and HACCP-certified pest management company in India, Urban Junggle is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in its services.

What sets Urban Junggle apart is its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. The company not only guarantees the effectiveness of its services but also aims to provide clients with peace of mind, ensuring that pests become the least of their worries. With a comprehensive range of services, including ant, bedbug, bird, cockroach, mosquito, rodent, spider, termite, and wood borer management, Urban Junggle takes a holistic approach to pest management, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Driven by a team of passionate young professionals, Urban Junggle combines technical expertise and a commitment to perseverance and playfulness to deliver superior pest control services. The company’s relentless focus on driving pests out of homes and offices reflects its dedication to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for its clients.

In a crowded industry with numerous pest management companies vying for attention, Urban Junggle stands out by prioritizing the quality of its services. By striving to set a new standard for pest control in India, the company is reshaping the expectations and experiences of clients, paving the way for a future where pest management is synonymous with reliability, effectiveness, and peace of mind.

In conclusion, Urban Junggle is more than just a pest management company; it is a catalyst for change in an industry that is long overdue for transformation. Through its unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Urban Junggle is redefining the narrative around pest control in India and setting a new standard for excellence.



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