Various Initiatives Aimed at Rehabilitating Reang Refugees in Tripura


Government has taken various schemes in Bhandarima ADC Village of North Tripura District to resettle the Reang refugees sheltered in Tripura. Several steps have been taken to resettle Reang refugees from Mizoram at Bhandarima ADC Village in North Tripura District. An official of the forest department will visit the area and submit a report to the state government on what steps can be taken to make the resettled people self-reliant. Employing the water bodies of the area, special importance is being given to agriculture production on the one hand and fisheries on the other hand PRTC, ST certificate and all other government documents are being given to those families by the state government and administration. To make Bru Riangs self-reliant, ponds are being provided by the Forest Department and fisheries are being provided for their livelihood by fish farming. So that after two years they can be self-sufficient



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