Violence Arose Ahead of By-Election in Tripura


Political violence has increased in different parts of the state after the announcement of the June 23 by-election to the four assembly seats in the Tripura, alleged the CPI-M leaders.

The opposition party, on Thursday, claimed that political violence sponsored by the ruling BJP in the Tripura, has crossed all limits and that the ailing and injured people are also not spared. The CPI-M leaders said that some ruling party members and goons also attacked patients in the hospitals and doctors’ chambers.

The CPI-M Tripura state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury alleged that fearing defeat in the by-elections, some of the BJP workers have been attacking the CPI-M leaders and workers in more than 12 places in Dhalai, West Tripura, and South Tripura districts during the past one week.

“At Mohanpur (in west Tripura) and Rajnagar (in south Tripura), the BJP workers led by some of their leaders attacked the ailing and injured people in the hospital and doctors’ chambers. In most cases police remained as wooden dolls,” Chowdhury, former Forest, and Tribal Welfare Minister told the media.

Submitting the written complaint about all the violent incidents to the Chief Electoral Officer and the Director General of Police Jitendra Chowdhury said that total anarchy is prevailing in the state.

“In Mohanpur, the BJP workers armed with sophisticated weapons attacked the houses of CPI-M workers and members and carried out violence for more than five hours on May 31. The security personnel remained inactive even after being informed,” the Left leader said.

More than 20 people were injured among whom, some were in serious condition informed the CPI-M state secretary, and the party leaders Sudhan Das and Ratan Das. Many properties including rubber sheets were also looted by some of the BJP activists they added.

“In some cases, even women and girls came forward to prevent the BJP goons from attacking their male family members,” the CPI-M leader said.