Vote on Account Accepted in Agartala Pur Nigam for Four Months


A vote on account of 142 crore 10 lakhs has been accepted in Agartala Pur Nigam for four months. In this regard, the Mayor of the Nigam Deepak Majumder said that it was not possible to present the full budget for the financial year 2023-24. So Tripura government has allowed vote on account. Accordingly, Pur Nigam also submitted vote on account for the next four months. Today it has been accepted.

He said that 142 crore 10 lakh has been allocated for four months. It is estimated that the income of Pur Nigam will be 181 crores and 88 lakhs. As a result, there will be a deficit of 21 lakh 52 thousand. The mayor said that there will be no cut in the budget. Because, the deficit will be filled due to revenue collection and tax share.

He claimed that the money allocated in the vote on account will work for the development of the city residents and the purpose of making the environment beautiful, transparent and free from traffic congestion.

He also claimed that in that sense, the work of Akhaura and Kalapania drains is going on very fast to relieve the city dwellers from water woes. Besides, Agartala Pur Nigam has decided to take strict action against illegal squatters in the city.



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