Child Returned from Hospital Without Treatment, in Tripura


A two-year-old child was returned from GB Hospital without treatment. This is what the family members of the child have complained about. The child was admitted for two days due to kidney problem. In this situation, the family appealed to the Chief Minister for help to arrange proper treatment.

The child’s father, Harun Rashid, said that the two-year-old child is suffering from kidney problems. It was shown in Kailasahar Hospital for a long time. They came to Agartala from Kailasahar during Parvarvati for better treatment.
He said that after showing his child to a doctor in Agartala, GB advised Hawa to be admitted to the hospital. Accordingly, he was also admitted to the hospital on Sunday. But no medical service was provided from GB hospital in 72 hours. He also complained that his child was suddenly discharged from the hospital this morning. In this situation, the family members are disoriented and appealed to the Chief Minister for help.



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