Wasp Attack Creates Chaos at Tripura College, Injuring Several Students


In a shocking incident at the state-run Kamalpur Government Degree College in Tripura’s Dhalai district, a swarm of wasps unleashed havoc, leaving at least four students injured on Wednesday morning. The college authorities are yet to confirm the source of the wasp attack that occurred around 10:30 am, plunging the campus into chaos.

Eyewitnesses reported that as students and some college staff members entered the campus, they were suddenly swarmed by wasps, prompting chaos and panic. Desperate attempts to evade the aggressive insects saw students and staff members running away from the area, leaving behind bags and bicycles.

A faculty member at the college recounted the immediate aftermath, stating, “We took a few girl students to the hospital with the help of fire service personnel. Some students jumped into a nearby pond in an attempt to escape the attack, but unfortunately, they could not avoid the wasp stings. We don’t have accurate details on the extent of injuries sustained by the students.”

Sangeeta Das, a first-semester student at the college, shared her harrowing experience, saying, “My friend and I were attacked by wasps while entering the college this morning. We screamed, rushed out of the college, and later realized that other students were also being attacked.”

Officials indicated that at least four students suffered injuries in the wasp attack. These students received primary treatment at a nearby hospital and were subsequently released. The quick response of the fire service personnel and college authorities played a crucial role in providing immediate assistance to the affected students.

A senior police official from the state police headquarters confirmed, “Four students were injured as per our information. They were given primary treatment in the hospital and later released.” The incident has raised concerns about the safety protocols in place and has prompted discussions on preventive measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.



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