Women in Tripura’s Canal Chowmuhani Protest Acute Water Crisis, Demand Urgent Action


Women in Canal Chowmuhani area in Phulkumari, under the Udaipur sub-division, took to the streets on Friday to protest the severe water crisis that has been plaguing their community amid a scorching heatwave. Approximately 50 local women participated in the demonstration, blocking the Udaipur-Sabroom Road to bring attention to their plight.

The protesters expressed their frustration, citing numerous complaints that were previously made to the authorities regarding the ongoing water crisis. Despite their efforts, no significant action has been taken to address the problem. The women claimed that they were promised individual water supply connections for each household and a permanent solution to the water crisis by both officials and political leaders in the area, but these promises have yet to be fulfilled.

The situation worsened when no water vehicles arrived in the area for the past 10 days, exacerbating the acute drinking water shortage. Despite the road blockade lasting for several hours, representatives from the water resource department were noticeably absent from the scene.

Eventually, after a prolonged protest, the women agreed to lift the agitation upon receiving a promise from officials to distribute water immediately. However, they made it clear that they demand a permanent solution to the water shortage issue as soon as possible.

The community of Canal Chowmuhani is now eagerly awaiting a resolution to the long-standing water crisis that has left them struggling in the face of extreme heat and limited access to drinking water. The local women’s protest serves as a reminder to authorities and leaders to take swift and decisive action to alleviate the suffering of the affected residents and prevent similar crises from occurring in the future.



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