Zalon: All Set to Present as a Tech Partner at Salon Management Congress, 2023


Zalon, a first-of-its-kind digital platform, is proud to announce that they’re presenting as a tech partner at Professional Beauty magazine’s upcoming Salon Management Congress, 2023.

The Congress, which is scheduled to be held on July 3-4 in Delhi, will be an in-person event comprising panel discussions, topical presentations, and the setting up of kiosks by various brands in the salon space – giving both aspiring and existing salon owners an opportunity to interact with and learn from veterans in the industry. The discussions and presentations during the Congress aims to focus on presenting a macro view of the salon businesses, analyze the recovery of these businesses that have made big post-pandemic, and also help them chart out a sustainable path for their future.

Zalon sits right at the cusp of this space with the latest technology solutions offered to salons across the country. Founded by young visionaries Ayush Ahuja and Sunil Khatri in 2022, the startup has managed to make quite the mark with their advanced digital solutions for Salons.

“The conference has occurred at just the right time. It creates an opportunity for businesses in the salon space to learn from each other and understand how we can drive growth in the industry as a whole. We are really excited to share new developments at Zalon and how they can help salon businesses in transforming their processes and getting rid of the pain points that they’re facing by taking a digital-first approach. Our digitally-enabled procurement solutions for salons have already made a mark and have helped not just customers but also several mid-level and small-size salons. We hope to reach more and more salons and motivate them to use this technology to their full advantage,” says Mr. Ahuja, Co-founder of Zalon.

The event aims to bring in subject matter experts to discuss each topic while taking into account real-life challenges faced by businesses and helping them with practical solutions.

About Zalon

Zalon, a first-of-its-kind digital platform, is set to revolutionize the beauty industry in more ways than one. Offering latest technology solutions to salons across India, it is transforming the way the beauty industry has been functioning. Founded by young visionaries Ayush Ahuja and Sunil Khatri in 2022, with the aim of digitizing the 21.60 B USD beauty industry in India, Zalon is already setting a new benchmark in the industry. Marked with high sophistication, incomparable excellence and exemplary client experience, Zalon is here to redefine the beauty experience for salons and customers just the same.

As a top tier B2B platform, Zalon, with its progressive digital solutions, is here to address the many challenges that plague the salon industry. In this highly cluttered and erratic business arena, Zalon is on its way to bridge the gap between salon owners and impeccable digital management solutions. When it comes to procurement, it has already become the most trusted platform for salons owners. The first-ever technology partner for salons, the brand offers bespoke e-solutions to assist in hassle-free daily operations and empowering them digitally, while also saving costs. Zalon is based on strong beliefs of time management and optimal efficiency, and with the beauty industry progressing rapidly, the business also provides training facilities to its clients. With these exceptional offerings in place, Zalon is the one-stop holistic solution provider for salons across the country.

In a brief period of time, the company has made a mark for itself in providing a one-of-its-kind, distinctive digitally enabled procurement solution for salons. Their clients can now find all authentic brands across several categories at the best price on one platform, be aware of beneficial deals and offers, all this with the assurance of on-time delivery and tracking facility. Zalon is also being lauded for offering data-driven efficiency, short-term credit facilities, unmatched discounts from renowned brands and quality assurance to its clients. This is an advanced breakthrough in overcoming the drawbacks and complications faced by many mid-level and small size salons.

Zalon is pioneering an incredible SaaS offering for salons in the Indian Beauty Industry. Beginning from staff management to providing exceptional services to customers, the app also aids in customer service management, push notifications & reminders, catalog management, order management, payment digitalization and payment tracking. Not only operations, it also helps its clients with effective Social Media Marketing & Management with robust strategies including Customer Profiling and keeping a close track on KPIs for optimal customer engagement. Influencer Marketing Management efforts are maximized to promote the expansion of the brand on Social Media platforms for increased reach and popularity.

Being an early mover, Zalon has made a positive impact on the Indian beauty industry. It aims to capture 10% of the $200 Billion beauty and wellness market in the next 10 years. From 450+ salons, 15+ Retailers and 1 Warehouse in May 2023 to 1200+ Salons, 50+ Retailers, 5+ Warehouses, Digital Storefronts and Social Media Marketing tools in May 2024, the path ahead is exciting and constructive. Zalon has major plans for 2024 as it aims to position itself as a Global SaaS provider for the beauty industry. Seeing Zalon’s current growth trajectory, it is well anticipated that the platform will be the real game-changer that will hold center stage in days to come.





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