Anganwadi Workers Demand Timely Salary Payments, CDPO Assures Resolution


In a show of protest and frustration, 894 Anganwadi workers and their helpers locked the office of the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) at Manu and Chawmanu. Their action was a response to the non-payment of their salaries for the month of April. This tense situation persisted throughout the day, with the employees confined inside the office. However, the situation deescalated in the evening when the CDPO arrived on the scene and requested the workers to wait until Monday for a resolution.

The agitation had been ongoing for several days as the Anganwadi workers expressed their frustration over the delayed salary payments. Their primary demand was the immediate disbursement of their wages. Sources revealed that the salary of ICDS project workers comprises two components: one from the central government and the other from the state government. While the central government’s portion had reportedly been disbursed, the state government’s portion was yet to be released. Reports also indicated that the workers were offered partial payment, but they adamantly refused to accept it.

The locked office incident, where the CDPO was essentially held captive, symbolized the mounting discontent among the Anganwadi workers. It underscored their determination to draw attention to their plight and the urgent need for resolution.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the CDPO, upon arrival at the site, engaged in discussions with the workers, assuring them that their concerns would be addressed promptly. Understanding the workers’ financial hardships and their legitimate expectation of timely salary payments, the CDPO requested their patience until Monday, indicating that efforts were underway to expedite the release of the pending state portion of their salaries.

The withdrawal of the gherao, or confinement, signaled a temporary truce between the CDPO and the agitating workers. The workers expressed their willingness to wait until Monday, placing their faith in the CDPO’s commitment to resolving the issue promptly.

As the news of the gherao spread, it served as a reminder of the significant contributions made by Anganwadi workers and their helpers in providing critical services to their communities. Their dedication to the welfare of children, expectant mothers, and the overall development of their regions cannot be overlooked. Hence, the demand for timely payment of their salaries highlights the need for sustained support and recognition of their invaluable work.

The incident also brings to the forefront the importance of streamlining the salary disbursal process for Anganwadi workers. Prompt and efficient payment systems will not only alleviate financial stress but also motivate and empower these frontline workers, enabling them to carry out their responsibilities with utmost dedication and enthusiasm.

As Monday approaches, the Anganwadi workers and their helpers anxiously await a resolution to their salary predicament. The situation serves as a reminder to authorities at both the central and state levels to prioritize the well-being and timely remuneration of these essential workers. Through prompt action and effective coordination, a favorable outcome can be achieved, ensuring the continued commitment and vital contributions of Anganwadi workers towards the betterment of society.



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