Animal Resource Development Minister Announces Plans to Establish Central Veterinary University in Tripura


The Animal Resource Development Minister of Tripura, Sudhanshu Das, has recently announced that plans are underway to establish a Central Veterinary University in the state. Speaking at the 23rd World Animal Medicine Day celebration organized by the Tripura Veterinary Council, Das revealed that the foundation stone of the university may be laid as early as May.

The announcement comes as part of the state government’s efforts to develop the animal husbandry sector, which plays an important role in India’s GDP. Das explained that by boosting animal husbandry in Tripura, it would be possible to not only reduce the unemployment rate but also eliminate the shortage of milk, eggs, and meat in the state.

The proposed university would be a significant step towards achieving this goal. At the event, Das emphasized the importance of veterinarians in ensuring the success of the animal husbandry sector, as they are diligent and sensitive in their work. He also stressed the need for the development work of the department to be regularly reviewed in the field, in line with Dr BR Ambedkar’s belief that life should be “noble” rather than long.

The plans for the university will be discussed in a meeting with Union Minister Purushottam Rupala and members of the Veterinary Council of India. The meeting will also explore ways to ensure diversity, equality, and inclusion in animal medicine, which was the theme of the event.

The establishment of a Central Veterinary University in Tripura is an exciting development that could have a significant impact on the state’s animal husbandry sector. With plans to lay the foundation stone in May, the state government is moving quickly to make this vision a reality.



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