Assam: Boko District Extends Aid to Family of Lightning Strike Victim


The Boko district administration in Assam swiftly responded to a tragic incident involving a lightning strike that claimed the life of a local resident. Circle Officer Dibash Bordoloi of Boko took immediate action upon learning of the incident through media reports. He promptly alerted the Kamrup District Disaster Management Authority to provide necessary assistance to the victim’s family.

The lightning strike occurred in a village under Boko’s jurisdiction, resulting in the untimely death of an individual. Such incidents highlight the unpredictable nature of natural disasters and the need for communities to be prepared for emergencies.

Upon receiving the alert, the Kamrup District Disaster Management Authority mobilized resources to extend aid to the victim’s family. This timely response included providing financial assistance and other necessary support to help the family cope with the tragic loss.

Local authorities expressed condolences to the bereaved family and assured them of continued support during this difficult time. The incident underscores the importance of proactive disaster management efforts and community resilience in mitigating the impact of natural calamities.

Circle Officer Dibash Bordoloi emphasized the administration’s commitment to promptly addressing such emergencies and ensuring that affected families receive the necessary assistance without delay. He stressed the importance of maintaining vigilance and preparedness in the face of unforeseen events like lightning strikes, which can have devastating consequences.

Community members and local leaders have rallied around the victim’s family, offering condolences and support. Efforts are ongoing to provide further assistance and ensure that the family receives all possible help to navigate through their grief and loss.

The Boko district administration continues to monitor the situation closely and remains prepared to respond to any further developments or emergencies that may arise in the region. Such initiatives reaffirm the administration’s dedication to safeguarding the welfare and well-being of all residents in times of crisis.



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