BJP in Tripura Remains United and Resolves Internal Issues Amicably, Claims Chief Minister Manik Saha


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura continues to operate as a closely-knit family, with Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha asserting that there is no discord among the party members. Despite occasional challenges, Saha emphasized that all disagreements are resolved through open discussions and the guidance of top party leadership. Notably, the Chief Minister refrained from commenting on external matters raised by former Chief Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) Biplab Kumar Dev, asserting his commitment to maintaining party unity.

Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha has recently reiterated that the BJP in Tripura stands united and harmonious, with no disputes among its members. Saha emphasized the party’s familial approach to governance and asserted that any issues or conflicts are resolved through open dialogues and the involvement of top party officials.

In his statement, Saha acknowledged that, like any organization, the BJP encounters occasional challenges. However, he highlighted the party’s commitment to resolving problems through discussion, teamwork, and guidance from senior party leaders. The cooperative atmosphere within the BJP is believed to have contributed to the efficient functioning and steady progress of the party in Tripura.

On Sunday, former Chief Minister of Tripura and MP, Biplab Kumar Dev, expressed his dissatisfaction and accused external forces of interfering in the BJP’s affairs. Dev voiced his intention to bring his concerns to the attention of the party’s high command, indicating his discontent with certain aspects of the party’s functioning.

In response to Dev’s allegations, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha chose not to comment directly on the concerns raised by the former Chief Minister. Instead, Saha emphasized his commitment to maintaining party unity and refrained from engaging in public disagreements. This stance reflects his belief in resolving any internal issues within the party’s framework, avoiding external confrontations that may harm the BJP’s collective interests.

With Chief Minister Professor (Dr.) Manik Saha’s assertion that the BJP in Tripura functions as a cohesive family, the party’s unity remains a vital aspect of its success. While occasional challenges may arise, the commitment to open dialogue and conflict resolution helps ensure that the party continues to serve the people of Tripura effectively.

As the BJP navigates its path forward in Tripura, it is expected that the party’s leadership will continue to foster a harmonious environment, encouraging healthy discussions and cooperation among its members. By maintaining internal solidarity, the BJP aims to overcome obstacles and focus on delivering good governance, development, and progress for the people of Tripura.



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