Brave 10th Grade Student in Tripura Prevents Child Marriage, Receives Recognition


Jyotsna Akhtar, a 10th-grade student from a minority family in Amjad Nagar High School, Belonia sub-division, has set an inspiring example by courageously opposing her parents’ decision to marry her off at a young age. Instead, she expressed her strong desire to continue her education and become self-reliant.

The commendable actions of Jyotsna Akhtar in preventing child marriage caught the attention of Tripura Tribal Welfare Minister, Shukla Charan Noatia, who visited her residence to acknowledge and praise her efforts.

Reports indicate that child marriage rates are alarmingly high in South Tripura district. In response, the state administration has undertaken several initiatives to combat this issue, including the establishment of Balika Manch, a platform for girl students in government schools.

Jyotsna Akhtar utilized the resources available through Balika Manch and sought the assistance of administrative officials to halt her own marriage.

Upon learning about this incident, State Tribal Welfare Minister Shukla Charan Noatia personally visited Jyotsna Akhtar’s house, accompanied by MLA Sapna Majumder, BJP State IT Cell In-charge Chandan Debnath, and Dwaipayan Choudhury, the general secretary of the BJP south district committee, among others.

During the visit, the minister engaged with local residents, raising awareness about the laws surrounding child marriage, while also commending Jyotsna Akhtar’s courageous actions as a 10th-grade student.

The minister assured Jyotsna Akhtar’s family of the government’s unwavering support and assistance in their endeavors.

Jyotsna Akhtar’s determination to stand against child marriage serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of education and empowering young girls to pursue their dreams.



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