Congress asks PM Modi 9 questions on 9 years of his government


New Delhi: The Congress party has raised significant concerns and posed nine pressing questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding critical issues, including rising prices, unemployment, and farmers’ income. The party has also demanded an apology from the Prime Minister for what they perceive as a “betrayal” during his tenure.

The first question raised by the Congress party relates to the escalating prices of essential commodities. Congress seeks clarification on the steps taken by the government to curb inflation and provide relief to the common people who are burdened by rising costs.

Unemployment, a persistent issue under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, is another pressing concern. Congress has sought specific details on the measures implemented by the government to address this problem and the outcomes achieved thus far.

The plight of farmers, who have been grappling with various challenges, has been a central issue. Congress demands an explanation from the Prime Minister on the actions taken to alleviate the agrarian crisis and ensure the well-being of farmers across the country.

The party has also highlighted corruption cases that have come to light during the tenure of the current government. Congress seeks clarification on the steps taken by the government to uphold transparency and accountability, as promised.

The economic fluctuations and slowdowns experienced during Prime Minister Modi’s governance are another area of concern. Congress seeks clarity on the government’s strategies to revive economic growth and stabilize the country’s financial situation.

Education, especially in rural areas, has witnessed several challenges. Congress demands an account of the government’s efforts to enhance the education sector, including infrastructure development and improving the quality of education.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the healthcare system in India. Congress seeks detailed information on the government’s plans to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all citizens.

Concerns over communal tensions and the safety of religious and ethnic communities have also been raised. Congress expects the Prime Minister to outline the measures taken to promote communal harmony and protect the rights of every citizen.

Lastly, the Congress party has highlighted environmental issues and the urgency of addressing climate change. They seek clarification on the government’s policies aimed at tackling these concerns and promoting sustainable development.

The Congress party firmly believes that these questions represent the concerns of the people and that the Prime Minister owes the nation an apology for what they perceive as a “betrayal” during his tenure. They urge Prime Minister Modi to address these issues comprehensively and transparently, providing the necessary reassurance to the citizens of India.

It remains to be seen how the Prime Minister and his government will respond to these questions and whether they will take concrete steps to address the concerns raised by the opposition party.



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