Delegation of IPFT Meets MHA Advisor AK Mishra to Champion ‘Tipraland’ Cause


a delegation of the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) led by Sri Prem Kumar Reang, the President of IPFT, convened a momentous meeting with AK Mishra, Advisor to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for Northeast region, in New Delhi today.

The central focus of the meeting was to passionately advocate for the long-standing demand of ‘Tipraland,’ a land envisioned to secure the rights and future of the indigenous communities residing in Tripura. Sri Prem Kumar Reang, along with other prominent IPFT members, engaged in a comprehensive discussion with AK Mishra, articulating the aspirations and concerns of the marginalized communities.

Throughout the meeting, AK Mishra listened attentively to the delegation’s representations, acknowledging the gravity of the ‘Tipraland’ cause. Both parties engaged in a cordial exchange of ideas, exploring potential pathways to address the community’s concerns within the constitutional framework.

“The demand for ‘Tipraland’ is not just a mere request; it’s an expression of our people’s dreams and aspirations for a better future,” stated Sri Prem Kumar Reang with unwavering determination. “We firmly believe that the creation of ‘Tipraland’ will not only preserve our cultural heritage but also promote socio-economic development in the region.”

The meeting’s outcome brings hope to the indigenous communities in Tripura, as it signifies an open channel of communication between IPFT and the MHA. The delegates expressed their gratitude for AK Mishra’s patient hearing and genuine interest in understanding their perspective.

As the deliberations come to a close, both parties agreed to continue the dialogue in the coming days to explore viable solutions that align with the interests of all stakeholders. The prospect of a brighter future for the indigenous communities of Tripura hangs in the balance, and the relentless efforts of IPFT signify a determined quest for justice and empowerment.

The nation now awaits further updates on the ‘Tipraland’ issue, hoping that the amalgamation of voices and cooperative efforts will lead to a mutually beneficial resolution for all involved parties.



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