Tripura Chief Minister Emphasizes Media’s Role in Society and Journalist Welfare

Tripura CM Manik Saha in White Clothes

In a recent media workshop and orientation program jointly organized by the Department of Information and Culture and the Agartala Press Club, Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha asserted that the media plays a vital role as a mirror of society. He emphasized the need for the media to exercise caution and ensure the dissemination of accurate information to the public. According to the Chief Minister, unbiased criticism of the government by the media can prove beneficial for both the people and the administration, helping to identify and rectify mistakes.

During his speech at the event, Dr. Manik Saha highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting a journalist-friendly environment in Tripura. He acknowledged the significance of a free press and stated that the current BJP-led government has taken several decisions in favor of journalists. He assured that additional measures to support and safeguard journalists would be implemented in the near future.

The media workshop, which commenced at the Agartala Press Club, is an official initiative led by the Tripura Government Information Office in collaboration with the Agartala Press Club. Scheduled to run until July 29, the workshop aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of media professionals in the region.

The Chief Minister’s recognition of the media’s role as a reflection of society underscores the importance of responsible journalism. By disseminating accurate and unbiased information, the media can act as a powerful agent of change, promoting transparency, and accountability within the government.

Furthermore, the assurance of a journalist-friendly government demonstrates a commitment to upholding press freedom and ensuring that journalists can carry out their duties without undue interference. Such an environment fosters an atmosphere of open dialogue and constructive criticism, ultimately benefiting the public and fostering a stronger democracy.

As the media workshop progresses, participants can expect to gain valuable insights into best practices and ethical reporting standards. The event serves as a platform for media professionals to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and further their understanding of the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic media landscape.

The statements made by Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha serve as a reminder of the crucial role media plays in society and the government’s commitment to supporting and empowering journalists in Tripura. As the workshop continues to unfold, the collaboration between the government and the media fraternity promises to pave the way for a more informed and responsible society.



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