Dharmanagar Press Club Felicitates the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly


State Legislative Assembly Speaker Vishwabandhu Sen was felicitated by the Press Club at Dharmanagar Press Club in a function. On this day, he officially inaugurated the Keram competition at the Press Club Members of the Dharmanagar Press Club welcomed the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Vishwabandhu Sen at the Dharmanagar Press Club on Monday afternoon. Besides, the principal inaugurated the Keram competition of the press club He said that Dharmanagar Press Club is always with him and every member is known to him.

It is through the press that the true picture of the society emerges to the people and they play a huge role in running the government. He promised that Dharmanagar Press Club will make several improvements. He discusses the importance of press and its seriousness. Where the press media has the power to release any negativity anywhere in the world Human rights, proper management, strong action etc. emerge through their writings.



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