Dr. Manik Saha Stated That The Opposition Is Now Participating In Violent Behavior Around The State

Manik Saha

Dr. Manik Saha, the outgoing chief minister of Tripura, attacked the opposition parties harshly by saying that they were motivated by their tendency for using violence following elections and now participating in violent behavior around the state as a result of their loss over the free and fair election.

After a review meeting of all the senior authorities of the Khowai district, Manik Saha was talking to the media persons and said that the opposition party has a history of using violence in the state after the election results were not going in their favor.

Dr. Manik Saha claims that compared to the previous 40 years, the 2023 elections were unusual since everything went off without a problem. Due to the strict security measures in place, the people were able to cast their votes without any fear.

He also said that the police have been told to look into this matter and take action against these evil organizations that are spreading violence in Tripura.



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