Dr. Manik Saha, The Chief Minister Of Tripura, Set An Example By Carrying Out A Successful Dental Procedure

Tripura News

Dr. Manik Saha, the chief minister of Tripura, performs oral cystic lesion surgery and sets an example for the people by carrying out a successful dental procedure at his home workplace.

He arrived at Tripura Medical College in Hapania and immediately went to the operating room where he successfully operated on a 10-year-old boy’s oral cystic lesion.

It has been seven months since he took over the duties of Chief Minister of Tripura, yet his dedication to the job has not changed.

Dr. Manik Saha later told the media that the patient, Akshit Ghosh, was doing well after the operation although he performed surgery after a very long time.

Drs. Amit Lal Goswami, Puja Debnath, Rudra Prasad Chakrabarty of Dental Surgery, and the Maxilla Facial Surgery department supported him throughout the procedure.



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