EC Implements Special Measures for Simultaneous Polls in Tripura


In preparation for the upcoming simultaneous polls in Tripura, the Election Commission (EC) has implemented special measures to ensure smooth and transparent electoral processes across the state. With both the Lok Sabha by-polls and the local body elections scheduled to take place simultaneously, the EC is taking proactive steps to maintain the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.

One of the key measures implemented by the EC is the deployment of additional security personnel to oversee polling stations and maintain law and order during the elections. The presence of security forces aims to deter any instances of violence, coercion, or electoral malpractice, ensuring that voters can exercise their democratic rights freely and safely.

In addition to bolstering security measures, the EC is also focused on enhancing voter awareness and participation through various outreach initiatives. Voter education campaigns, awareness programs, and voter registration drives have been conducted to educate voters about the electoral process, their rights, and the importance of voting.

Furthermore, the EC has taken steps to ensure the accessibility of polling stations for all voters, including those with disabilities or special needs. Special arrangements such as ramps, wheelchair accessibility, and assistance for elderly or differently-abled voters have been put in place to facilitate their participation in the electoral process.

To streamline the polling process and minimize waiting times at polling stations, the EC has introduced measures such as the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and voter verification through Aadhaar-linked biometric authentication. These technological advancements aim to expedite the voting process while maintaining the accuracy and transparency of the electoral process.

Moreover, the EC is closely monitoring the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) to ensure compliance by political parties and candidates. Strict enforcement of the MCC helps maintain a level playing field for all contestants and prevents the misuse of power or resources for electoral gain.

As the election date approaches, the EC remains committed to upholding the principles of democracy and conducting free, fair, and transparent elections in Tripura. By implementing these special measures and initiatives, the EC aims to facilitate a smooth and credible electoral process that reflects the will of the people.



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