From Engineer to Actor and Politician: Rocky Murasing’s Inspirational Journey


Rocky Murasing, known for being good at many things, easily moves between acting, politics, and helping people. A graduate in engineering, Murasing’s foray into acting began in 2014 when he approached renowned film director Fr. P. Joseph. This initial step paved the way for a blossoming acting career, culminating in a notable debut alongside Indian Idol 4 winner, Mrs. Sourabhee Debbarma Thapa.

While acting remained a personal passion, politics wasn’t initially on Murasing’s radar. However, the call to serve and support the Tipra Motha Party in 2021 led him into the political arena. Following a significant victory, he assumed the role of state secretary of the Youth Tipra Federation, wholeheartedly dedicating himself to his newfound responsibilities.

Murasing’s commitment to social causes is equally commendable. Blood donation camps and aid for the underprivileged are just a few of the initiatives he champions. Balancing these roles is no small feat, but Murasing attributes his success to prioritizing quality over quantity in acting while dedicating significant time to politics and social service.

As an actor, Murasing refuses to be pigeonholed, relishing in the challenge of portraying diverse characters. He gravitates towards roles that carry profound messages, ensuring his performances resonate with viewers on a deeper level.

In his political journey, Murasing confronts skeptics who question the compatibility of acting and politics. He remains undeterred, focusing on action over words, and draws strength from the encouragement of those who believe in his vision for positive change.

The preservation of cultural heritage is a cornerstone of Murasing’s political agenda. He actively engages in projects that showcase Tripura’s rich culture and heritage through digital media and cinema screens.

The intersection of social and political activities is rooted in a shared goal of public service. Murasing leverages his influence to address social issues, engaging with a diverse audience through various platforms.

Reflecting on his journey, Murasing treasures the personal growth gained through acting, particularly the ability to convey emotions authentically. In politics, he confronts his fear of public speaking, emphasizing the power of speaking from the heart.

Looking ahead, Murasing envisions leaving a lasting legacy through acting, fostering an environment conducive to the next generation’s success in politics, and continuing his unwavering commitment to social causes.



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