Graveyard Of Dreams: Award-Winning Kokborok Short Film Shines Light on ‘War on Drugs’


“Graveyard of Dreams” is more than just a film; it’s a passion project that delves deep into the harrowing world of the ‘War on Drugs.’ The film, which holds a special place in our hearts, aims to shed light on the challenges and complexities surrounding this pressing issue.

Recently, the film received well-deserved recognition at The Northeast Film Festival 2023, held at NFDC Campus, Mumbai. Notably, “Graveyard of Dreams” clinched the prestigious Best Director and Best Cinematography awards at the Booktoux Northeast Film Festival 2022-23 in Imphal, a testament to the outstanding talent and dedication of the entire team.

The stellar cast, including Ajay Tripura, Pohar Jamatia, Swaraj Debbarma, and Ajay Debbarma, delivered powerful performances, bringing to life the compelling narrative crafted by Ploto. The film’s seamless editing by Adwaita Chakma and captivating cinematography also played pivotal roles in creating an immersive viewing experience.

The creators of “Graveyard of Dreams,” Anita Debbarma, Dr. Nilotpal Bhattacharya, and Bidesh Debbarma, envisioned a film that would not only entertain but also provoke thought and conversation. Their vision has come to fruition, and the film stands as a beacon of artistic and social achievement.

The production team extends heartfelt gratitude to Lovelyn Sinha, Peterson Debbarma, Suman Debbarma, Abhijit Deb, Subhrajit Deb, and the entire community of Udai Jamadar Para, Takarjala, whose support and collaboration were instrumental in bringing this project to life.



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