India to Aid Food Crisis Countries


At WTO (World Trade Organization) ministerial meeting held in New Delhi on Sunday. A clear statement has been made that India will provide aid to countries using FCI (Food Corporation of India) food stock.

Almost 80 countries are pushing to introduce the World Food Programme Scheme.

The Ukraine conflict is going to be the main theme in the wake of soaring global food prices. India has reiterated its demand for finding a permanent solution to the Public Stockholding issue (2013) by WTO members.

India believes that it will provide certainty to its food procurement programme operated through FCI.

India was also open to discussing a reform programme including providing special and differential treatment to developing and poor countries.

India will be represented by Commerce and Industry stated Minister Piyush Goyal. He is also keen that other key aspects like a consensus-based approach, an equal voice for all WTO members, and dispute settlement should be retained.