Major Heroin Seizure in North Tripura District Leads to Arrest of Notorious Smuggler


The Churaibari police station in North Tripura district has intercepted a staggering haul of heroin valued at Rs 40 lakh. The successful operation, which occurred on Wednesday night, led to the apprehension of a notorious heroin smuggler.

The arrested individual has been identified as Billal Uddin, a 30-year-old resident of Ward No. 3 in Paschim Chandrapur Gram Panchayat, under the jurisdiction of Dharmanagar police station.

According to Bhanupada Chakraborty, the Superintendent of Police for North Tripura District, the breakthrough unfolded when a Yamaha motorcycle, registered as TR05A-5803, crossed the border from Assam into Tripura. Upon thorough examination, law enforcement officers discovered five packets of heroin concealed within soapboxes, along with several smaller bags of the illicit substance. Billal Uddin, who was both the motorcycle’s rider and the alleged heroin smuggler, was promptly apprehended.

Superintendent Chakraborty disclosed that the total weight of the confiscated heroin is estimated to be around 60 grams, with an approximate international black market value of Rs 40 lakh.

Currently, the accused Billal Uddin is in the custody of the Churaibari police station, where authorities are conducting ongoing interrogations. It has been confirmed that the arrested individual will be presented before the district court on Thursday for further legal proceedings.

This substantial drug seizure highlights the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies in battling the illicit drug trade, fortifying public safety, and ensuring the primacy of law in the area. It serves as a clear declaration that criminal endeavors of this kind will face zero tolerance, and those engaged in such activities will be promptly held accountable.



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