Mon District Cracks Down on Illegal Lotteries

Lottery ticket
Thai government lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are sold in pairs, and each ticket has six single digits.

In a decisive move against illegal gambling activities, Deputy Commissioner Ajit Kumar Verma, IAS, has issued strict directives to curb the sale of unauthorized lottery tickets in Mon District, Nagaland. Citing violations of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, Verma’s office announced that several illicit lottery games, including Shillong Teer, Nagaland Arrow, and Raja Rani, are being distributed unlawfully across various towns in the district.

The order, dated June 14, 2024, mandates severe penalties for those involved in the sale, distribution, or purchase of these illegal lottery tickets. Offenders could face up to two years of rigorous imprisonment, fines, or both. Verma emphasized that this crackdown aims to uphold the law and protect the community from the detrimental effects of illegal gambling.

Administrative officers, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, have been instructed to conduct immediate verifications across their jurisdictions. Their primary goal is to identify and shut down all outlets engaged in the illicit sale of these lottery tickets. The directive has mobilized a coordinated effort to ensure thorough inspections and enforce compliance with the law.

Verma’s strict orders reflect a growing concern over the proliferation of illegal lotteries, which have been undermining legal regulations and affecting the socio-economic fabric of the district. By taking a firm stand, the Deputy Commissioner seeks to eliminate these unauthorized gambling activities and restore order.

Local communities have expressed support for the crackdown, recognizing the negative impact of illegal lotteries on families and individuals. Many residents believe that these measures will help reduce financial exploitation and associated social issues. Community leaders have also pledged their cooperation in reporting any suspicious activities to the authorities.

The enforcement teams have already begun their operations, conducting raids and inspections in known hotspots. Early reports suggest that several illegal lottery operations have been identified, and actions are being taken to dismantle these networks. Verma assured that the district administration would continue its efforts until all unauthorized lottery activities are completely eradicated.

This initiative by the Mon District administration underscores a broader commitment to law enforcement and community welfare. By addressing the issue of illegal lotteries with such urgency and rigor, Deputy Commissioner Ajit Kumar Verma aims to set a precedent for strict adherence to legal standards and the protection of public interests. The ongoing efforts will not only enforce the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 but also foster a safer and more regulated environment for the residents of Mon District.



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