Wokha Official Clarifies Voters Information Slip Not Valid for Polling Access


In an important clarification issued in Wokha, Nagaland, Nyuwi, a senior election official, stated that the Voters Information Slip (VIS) is not a valid document for polling station access or voting. This announcement was made to address misunderstandings regarding the role of the VIS in the electoral process.

Nyuwi explained that the Voters Information Slip is designed solely to inform electors about their election status, including details such as their polling station and voter number. The slip aims to facilitate smoother voting by providing electors with essential information ahead of the election day. However, Nyuwi emphasized that the VIS should not be confused with valid identification documents required for entry into polling stations or for casting votes.

The clarification comes in response to concerns raised by various stakeholders, including political parties and civil society organizations, about potential confusion among voters. Some individuals mistakenly believed that the VIS could serve as an alternative to official identification documents, potentially leading to issues on election day.

Nyuwi underscored the importance of voters bringing appropriate identification to the polling stations. Acceptable forms of ID include the Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC), Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, and other government-issued IDs with a photograph. Nyuwi urged voters to verify the list of valid identification documents beforehand to ensure a hassle-free voting experience.

The Wokha official also highlighted the measures being taken to educate the electorate about the correct use of the VIS. Information campaigns are being launched through various media channels, including local newspapers, radio, and social media platforms, to disseminate accurate information. Polling officials will also be briefed to assist and guide voters on election day, ensuring that the process remains orderly and transparent.

Political parties and candidates have welcomed this clarification, recognizing its importance in preventing confusion and ensuring a smooth electoral process. They have committed to assisting in spreading the message to their supporters and constituents.

Nyuwi’s statement reiterates the Election Commission’s commitment to conducting fair and transparent elections. By clarifying the role of the Voters Information Slip and emphasizing the need for proper identification, the Wokha election official aims to ensure that all voters are well-informed and prepared for election day. This proactive approach seeks to uphold the integrity of the voting process and reinforce public confidence in the electoral system.



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